The offering of ones body as extraneous clothing

Photographic printed on satin, steel tube

(hollow), nylon

Collingwood Arts Precinct

06.04.2018 - 12.03.2018

photography by Shannon May Powell

curation and production by Marley Sheridan

Marley Sheridan

Coalesced by the textural nature of their work, both Marley Sheridan and Shannon May Powell’s exhibition use satin and silk photographic installations to show how bodies can become rolls of material that fold and unfold on one another.

Soft velvet pleats brushing against cool latex. The rose pink folds of the sex no different from the depressions of a seat cover. The fleshy clothing of a body indecipherable. Rolls of plush fabric that fold and unfold on one another, creating a new order of extraneous gender and otherness infinitely divisible. Emotional objects made inanimate. The final exaltation of becoming, at once, both (no)thing and (every)thing.


—Shannon May Powell